Productivity and efficiency is in our DNA, and this newsletter is full of it! Unlimited Undo/Redo support for Inception, Smart Styles CC2017 and last but not least, our upcoming webinar on easy catalog production.

Webinar: The fastest way to produce perfectly accurate catalogs

Time is always the greatest challenge when working within ongoing catalog production cycles. Find out how combining the power of organized assets and automated page creation can reduce human error and speed up production time.

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Now available in Inception: Undo/Redo
An important and highly anticipated Inception feature has just been launched: use Cmd+Z / Ctrl+Z to Undo:
  • Changes to text, colors, fonts and text alignment
  • Removing and adding components
  • Moving components to another position
  • Placing an image within a component
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WoodWing Smart Styles CC 2017
What's new:
  • Support for Adobe InCopy & InDesign CC 2017
  • Spanning footnotes across columns
  • The arrowhead scale control
  • The stroke option "align" that influences the position of the arrow tip
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