The best content creation requires team collaboration. Find out how to speed things up for your remote team using Amazon CloudFront Acceleration and learn about reducing company silos with Enterprise Aurora. In addition, our CEO Jan de Roos, provides insight into the future of publishing.

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How to increase collaboration across functional publishing teams
Enterprise Aurora improves communication, remote contribution and, of course, collaboration. Developed for publishers to create channel-neutral content in one single system, it additionally brings teams together by reusing and sharing assets.

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Quicker, faster, better: With Amazon CloudFront
Want to speed things up within your global organization? Amazon CloudFront Acceleration, connected to Enterprise and Elvis servers, can increase your connection speed by more than 400%.

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FIPP Interview: Jan de Roos, CEO of WoodWing, discusses the future of content creation and publishing
De Roos: “What I like is the fact that we can all be connected - we need to start understanding what the future strategies of many media companies are and also where big brands and agencies are heading.”

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NEW : Elvis customer success stories
Elvis DAM provides unique advantages to a variety of organizations; from online stores to content agencies and large publishers. Watch the video to navigate through our customer success stories. 

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