Enterprise Aurora is the most versatile content production and publishing tool currently on the market. Curious to see how that works? Read on...

And, if you're anywhere close to Berlin, Germany in October, we warmly welcome you on our booth at the IFRA Digital Content Expo (DCX). We'll get you a free ticket if you book a meeting too.

A way of working for every organization
Enterprise Aurora is a system that is designed to be tailored to the customer's needs. Streamlining content creation is what it does best, but we understand that every organization works in a different way. Digital-first, Print-only, Print-first, Channel-neutral... options are numerous, and Aurora supports them ALL.

Show me how!
5 minutes with… WoodWing's new CEO Ross Paterson
Publishing content to multiple channels is now the norm, but are publishers doing it effectively and efficiently? Here's a five-minute interview with Ross Paterson, our new CEO here at WoodWing, to find out.

Ross' take on this
Meet WoodWing at the Digital Content Expo (DCX) 2018, Berlin
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Yes, I'll be there
Case study - How Dutch medical journal NTvG leverages structured content
Nowadays differentiation of your communication channels is crucial to reach your target group. Enterprise Aurora made this process ten times easier for NtvG. The benefits: 
  • Production costs reduced by redundancy of external parties
  • Freedom to publish anytime, anywhere
  • Improved internal communication, planning and efficiency

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Five ways to keep up with your reader’s content demand
A major pain point for many is creating enough content to keep up with the reader’s demand. One solution is hiring more content producers. The other is strengthening your content departments with the right kind of tactics and software.

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Tamedia talk about making their digital future a reality
WoodWing customer Tamedia – Switzerland’s leading private media group – will be on stage at the Digital Content Expo 2018. They will discuss how they see digitization as the foremost opportunity to reach new customers and markets.

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