Both on the Elvis DAM as well as the Enterprise side, a lot is happening. A big upcoming release is our next generation of Enterprise, which has now been given a new name as well. The WoodWing butterfly has just gotten family...

Content Station & Enterprise Aurora - new names for new products
The butterfly - as a universal symbol of growth and reinvention - has now made its entrance into the name of our upcoming Enterprise & Content Station release. Curious? Click below to receive special info on this topic.

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NEW : Elvis DAM Webhooks API - Enables real time event-driven integrations
Even if you're not technical, you'll be excited about all the new things you can do with this additional integration option. It's all explained in our blog, where you can also watch the recently held webinar on this topic.

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Customer success videos
Discover how customers are making the most of their WoodWing products in our latest testimonial video.

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Adobe InDesign plugin - Now also available on Elvis Cloud
Using this best-in-class InDesign plugin for Elvis Cloud, users can directly open InDesign files from their browser, place images from Elvis onto their layout and store the results back in Elvis. All with automatic versioning in the background. And the best of all: it's FREE for all Content Managers in Elvis. 

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