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Meet WoodWing's new CEO, Jan de Roos
As of February 1, 2017, Jan de Roos has succeeded Roel-Jan Mouw, who led WoodWing Software for three and a half years. Jan is a seasoned entrepreneurial leader with a strong background in publishing and technology.

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Free webinar: Want to speed up your magazine publishing process?
Get free advice! Expert in the media industry Andreas Pfeiffer shares his insights into streamlining content creation. Work smarter not harder ...

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UK Retailer Next Plc builds Digital ‘Image Factory’
Next Plc is implementing a new DAM system to manage a variety of different asset types for use across different devices and scalable for use across 72 countries. Elvis DAM sits at the heart of the system, which will be tailored to Next's specific needs.

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Customer success videos
Discover how customers are making the most of their WoodWing products in our latest testimonial videos.

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3 Blog posts: DAM Landscape 2017 + Artificial Intelligence (AI) and DAM
DAM is more and more playing a pivotal role in business processes. Lean back and read about exciting new developments taking place:
  • AI & DAM: 3 things DAM users need to learn before getting started with AI (part 1) - read more
  • AI & DAM: five ways AI can make life easier for DAM users (part 2) - read more
  • Keeping up with user demands - the 2017 DAM Landscape - read more